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Welcome to the band ! This site is for new cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn and comeback players. For those just starting out, and those coming back. This site is about cornets, trumpets, and flugelhorns. You’ll find trumpet playing tips, instrument reviews, and accessory reviews. Doled out how we wished it was when we were starting out.We hope the info is useful. Please let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to post it.

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  • What is The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece?
    Trumpet Mouthpiece Guide Are you playing the perfect trumpet mouthpiece? Can you play pedal tones… Read more: What is The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece?
  • ProTec BP301 VAX Combo Case Review
    Are you looking for a case to carry your trumpet and flugelhorn? Do you fly with your horns often? The ProTec BP301 Combo case may be exactly what you need.
  • What Is A Flugelhorn?
    Frugal what? Flugel bugle? What a funny name for a jazz horn. What is it and why is it called something so funny? The flugelhorn is part of the brass family of instruments. These musical instruments were traditionally made from and continue to be mostly made from the metal brass. The name is thought to come from the German word “wing” which makes the name flugelhorn “wing horn”. The flugelhorn is closely related to the trumpet and cornet.

Trumpets and Cornets


Trumpet Parts

Trumpet Parts

What the heck is a “Water Key”? I’m pretty sure that’s not plain water…
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Trumpet Mouthpieces

Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Mouthpiece Guide

Mouthpiece Guide. The info on the sizes, cups, specifications, etc. will apply to Cornet and…
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