Louis Armstrong

Famous Trumpet Players Today and of All Time

Dizzy Gillespie and his famous Bent Trumpet

As a kid, I remember watching the TV show “The Green Hornet” and the wailing, fast hitting trumpet sound of the theme song. I had no idea what a trumpet was or who Al Hirt was back then. I remember that trumpet song though. Fast forward a few years and I’m sitting in the admissions office with my mom for my new school, entering the 5th grade. I knew I wanted to join band. I had every intention of playing the drums, for some reason I thought they were cool. When they asked me, “What instrument do you want to play?” I said “Trumpet”. It just came out. And so, began my journey of discovery of this great instrument, lifelong bandmates, and the fascination with famous trumpet players. We’ve assembled famous trumpet players, in no particular order, for your listening pleasure. Included are links to their websites (if they have them) and the best trumpet sheet music available from them. Again, each famous trumpet player is amazing, incredibly talented, gifted, and have shared their trumpet playing with the world. Please let us know in the comments who is your favorite and who should be added to these lists.

The great, famous jazz trumpet player, Louis Armstrong

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Most Famous Trumpet Players

Here is a short list of “legends” or famous trumpet players that even people that don’t play the trumpet have likely heard of.

Doc Severinsen

Carl Hilding “Doc” Severinsen started playing with his high school band age the ripe old age of 7 years. He became a household name in 1962 with the Johnny Carson “The Tonight Show” as the conductor and lead trumpet player. His sound is unparalleled to this day. He released over 30 albums, won numerous Grammy awards, and has been an influence on most every trumpet player today. Some consider him the “Best Trumpet Player” of our time. He retired from active conducting in 2007. Here he is in 2015 at the young age of 87 playing “A Night In Tunisia” for a Cancer charity event. A member of our band was selected to play in the McDonalds All American Band in high school where Doc was the conductor.

Doc Severinsen “A Night In Tunisia”
Very Best of Doc Severinsen

Doc Severinsen Trumpet Music

Doc Severinsen’s Very Best Trumpet music to listen to or purchase for download

Maynard Ferguson

“I always thought what a great thing Maynard was doing. He was out there with a big band keeping jazz going and keeping big bands going at a time when no one else was doing it.” Doc Severinsen

The late great Maynard Ferguson. At the age of 11 he played solo trumpet with the Canadian Broadcasting Company Orchestra. By the age of 14, he had a full scholarship with the French Conservatory of Music. He led the Birdland Dream Band staring what we know today as “Big Band Jazz”. His charisma conducting and playing lead trumpet made him in demand far and wide. He made many songs into famous “trumpet songs” through his arrangements.

Maynard Ferguson and his band performing “Birdland” on the Mike Douglas Show.
Maynard Ferguson Big Bop Nouveau

Maynard Ferguson Trumpet Sheet Music

Maynard Ferguson Trumpet Sheet Music

Maynard Ferguson Big Bop Nouveau Trumpet Sheet Music and CD Play Along.

Dizzy Gillespie

“What jazz musician played a bent trumpet?”  The late great trumpet player “Dizzy” is the musician that played the famous bent trumpet. His autobiography tells a story that someone accidently fell on his trumpet and bent the bell upward. He said he liked how it sounded and that it projected over the audience better. To many, he is considered one of if not the most famous American jazz trumpeter.

Dizzy Gillespie playing his famous song, “A Night In Tunisia”
Dizzy Gillespie: Jazz Play-Along

Dizzy Gillespie Trumpet Sheet Music

Here’s Dizzy’s Jazz trumpet Sheet Music Play Along & CD

Louis Armstrong 

Louis Daniel Armstrong was also known as “Satchmo”. He was not only a great trumpet player and perhaps the most famous jazz trumpet player, but a great singer. He started touring in the early 1920s and stopped only due to his passing in 1971.

Here’s a tribute to Louis Armstrong’s shaping and development of the unique New Orleans jazz sound singing and playing “When The Saints Go Marching In”
The Louis Armstrong Collection: Artist Transcriptions - Trumpet

Louis Armstrong Trumpet Sheet Music

Here’s Louis’s jazz Trumpet Sheet Music Artist Transcriptions

Al Hirt

The late, great Alois Maxwell Hirt is another famous jazz trumpet player. Like Louis Armstrong, Al came from New Orleans and was instrumental in creating the unique Dixie jazz sound. Here is Al playing his most famous song, “Java” which sold over a million copies in 1963.

Al Hirt – Java
Al Hirt Java Trumpet sheet music

Al Hirt Trumpet Sheet Music

JAVA – Trumpet Solo Sheet Music with Piano Accompaniment – by Al Hirt

Arturo Sandoval

Arturo is a 10 time Grammy award winner that started playing trumpet at age 12.  He studied under the late great Dizzy Gillespie.   Here is Arturo playing “Funky Cha-Cha”.

Arturo Sandoval playing “Funky Cha-Cha
Arturo Sandoval - Playing Techniques & Performance Studies for Trumpet

Arturo Sandoval Trumpet Sheet Music

Arturo Sandoval-Playing Techniques and Performance Studies for Trumpet, Vol. 3

Miles Davis

The late, great Miles Davis. He has been credited with having the most influence in the development and evolution of jazz music in the 20th century. Miles is another famous jazz trumpet player that paved the way for many. Here he is playing what is considered his most famous song “Stella By Starlight”:

Miles Davis and his famous song “Stella By Starlight”
Miles Davis Omnibook: For Bb Instruments

Mile Davis Trumpet Sheet Music

Mile Davis’s Omnibook with his Jazz Trumpet Sheet Music transcriptions

Chet Baker

Chet was a jazz trumpet player known by many as the “James Dean of Jazz”. His soft, jazz stylings were different than most of his era. His jazz trumpet playing and “Hollywood” good looks really made him stand out. Here he is playing “Autumn Leaves”.

Chet Baker playing “Autumn Leaves”

Chet Baker Trumpet Sheet Music

The Chet Baker Collection (Artist Transcriptions)

Chet Baker Trumpet Sheet

Chet Baker’s Trumpet Sheet Music-Artist Transcriptions

There are so many more that should be here, so please let us know in the comments who you feel is the “Best Trumpet Player”. 

Clifford Brown

Clifford Benjamin Brown was a famous jazz trumpet player and composer. He is credited for several jazz standards such as Joy Spring and Sandu. His deep, rich tone was completed by his exceptional upper register. Sadly, he tragically passed at the young age of 25 in a car crash.

Here’s Clifford Brown playing the Jazz standard, Stardust.

Clark Terry

Clark Virgil Terry Jr was one of the first famous trumpet players that used the flugelhorn in his jazz, swing, and bebop compositions. He played with great jazz musicians such as Duke Ellington, Charlie Barnet, Count Basie, and Quincy Jones. His famous jazz tunes include jazz standards such as “Stardust” and “Take the A Train”.

Here’s Clark Terry playing Stardust on flugelhorn.

Famous Trumpet Players Today

This list is about current day trumpet players that amaze and inspire today.

Alison Balsom

Alison is known for her amazing classical trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and Baroque trumpet performances. She has performed with most of the famous orchestras in the world. Her rich tone, articulation, and emotion that her sound has, is incredible. Here she is playing “Rondo – Minore – Maggiore with the London Mozart Players. She starts playing at 0:23:

Alison Balsom playing “Rondo – Minore – Maggiore with the London Mozart Players (She starts playing at 0:23):

Wynton Marsalis

Wynton is famous for his jazz compositions, directions, arrangements, and performances.   Here he is with his Septet playing “Embraceable You”.

Wynton Marsalis with his Septet playing “Embraceable You”.

Wynton Marsalis Trumpet Sheet Music

Wynton Marsalis Trumpet Sheet Music – Omnibook.

Chris Botti

Chris elevated the trumpet with his smooth jazz performance with his recordings.  His rich, warm sound, crisp articulation, and delicate touch are extraordinary. Here he is in Japan, playing “Summer Time”.

Chris Botti in Japan, playing “Summer Time”.
Best of Chris Botti: Trumpet Artist Transcriptions

Chris Botti Trumpet Sheet Music

Chris Botti Trumpet Sheet Music – Artist Transcriptions

Eric Miyashiro

Eric Miyashiro came from Hawaii and started playing professionally at age 14.  He played with the late, great Maynard Ferguson.  He says he is self taught. Here he is playing the original theme from Star Trek with the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.  The last note is a beautiful double C (3:42 mark and slurs up to it at 4:05 which is the end of his playing):

Yamaha Trumpet Legend Eric Miyashiro

Wayne Bergerson

Wayne is well known for his work on many Disney movie themes such as The Incredibles (click the link to hear him play it with Louis Dowdeswell), Aladdin, etc..  He has worked on over 400 movie and TV soundtracks. He started his career with the first chair in the late, great Maynard Ferguson band. Here is Wayne playing Maynard’s version of MacArthur Park (click the link to hear other Famous Trumpet Players play this song).

Wayne Bergeron playing Maynard Ferguson’s version of MacArthur Park:

Wayne Bergeron Trumpet Sheet Music

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Play Along, Vol 2: Trumpet, Book & DVD Kit 2 co-author-Wayne Bergeron

Louis Dowdeswell

Louis is a younger (compared to many on this list) English trumpet player.  He has a built a tremendous following on YouTube with his covers.  He plays with what appears almost no effort.  He’s trained and collaborated with Wayne Bergeron on several songs. He    Watch him as he continues to gain popularity. Here is Louis playing the Simon and Garfunkel 70’s hit, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Louis Dowdeswell playing the Simon and Garfunkel 70’s hit, “Bridge Over Troubled Water. #2 song on his album “High Score” below.

Louis Dowdeswell Trumpet Music

Louis Dowdeswell “High Score” Music

Louis Dowdeswell “High Score”, 10 of his best, downloadable

Allen Vizzuti

Allen is an American prodigy with multiple degrees and awards for his musicianship. He has played with many of the great on this list. Allen is an amazing trumpet player and a teacher. His clarity, tonguing, and advice for the rest of us is amazing. He has an effortless way of playing with a clarity and range.

Terence Blanchard

Terence Oliver Blanchard is an American Jazz Trumpeter. He started his career as a member of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra. Later, he became a member of the Jazz Messengers on a recommendation that he replace the great Wynton Marsalis. He won a Grammy award for “Best Jazz Instrumental Album” for his MORE album with several more Grammy nominations and awards for his performances. He has composed over 40 movie film scores and performed on over 50. Some of his most famous soundtracks are “Do the Right THing”, Malcom X, and 25th Hour.

Female Trumpet Players

Alison Balsom

Alison Balsom is from Hertfordshire, England and is mentioned above in the “Famous Trumpet Players” list. Here is Alison Balsom playing a rotary Piccolo Trumpet. Her performance is incredible: “Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in A Minor”.

Alison Balsom playing a rotary Piccolo Trumpet. Her performance is incredible: “Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in A Minor”.

Tine Thing Helseth

Like Alison, Tine is an amazing classical trumpet player. She comes from Oslo Norway and is the leader of an all female brass group, tenThing. Here she is with the Junge Sinfonie Berlin (Young Symphony Berlin), playing “Fanfare” by Kjetil Bjerkestrand.

Tine Thing Helseth playing “Fanfare” by Kjetil Bjerkestrand.
Tine Thing Helseth "Trumpet Concertos"
Tine Thing Helseth “Trumpet Concertos” album.

Tine Thing Helseth Trumpet Music

Tine Thing Helseth “Trumpet Concertos” downloadable

Andrea Motis

Is a young, highly accomplished, jazz musician.  She is a wonderful singer, jazz trumpet player, and jazz saxophone artist.  She performs with the soul and jazz stylings of some of the greats.  She started playing the trumpet at the age of 7.  She is a great jazz trumpet player and a great singer.  She says she loves both being a jazz trumpet player and a jazz singer equally.  Here she is with her Quartet playing Cole Porter’s “Love For Sale” where her trumpet playing is showcased. The next video is Andrea showing off her beautiful jazz singing and trumpet improvisational artistry in a piano duet with Ignasi Terraza in the classic jazz song “Shiny Stockings”.

Andrea Motis and her Quartet playing Cole Porter’s “Love For Sale”
Andrea Motis with pianist Ignasi Terraza with their rendition of the classic “Shiny Stockings”.

Andrea Motis Trumpet Music

Andrea Motis third album “Loop Holes”

Cindy Bradley

Cindy is sure to become one (if not already) of the well-known famous jazz trumpet players.   She has a beautiful tone and improvisation riffs.  Here she is playing her song “Brooklyn Bounce” from her 2009 album “Bloom”:

CIndy Bradley playing her song “Brooklyn Bounce” from her 2009 album “Bloom”

Cindy Bradley Trumpet Music

Cindy Bradley’s 2023 album “Promise”

Lucienne Renaudin Vary

Lucienne is a French jazz trumpet player and the first women to receive the prestigious Arthur Waseer Preis (Arthur Waseer Prize) in 2019.   Her smooth sound, and her soulful improvisation licks are really something.  Here’s Lucienne at 18 years old recording the Rogers and Hammerstein classic “My Favorite Things”:

Lucienne Renaudin Vary playing the Rogers and Hammerstein classic “My Favorite Things”:

Lucienne Renaudin Vary Trumpet Music

Lucienne Renaudin Vary “The Voice of The Trumpet” Album, 16 downloadable songs

As always, thanks for playing along.

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