Louis Armstrong

Famous Trumpet Players Today and of All Time

As a kid, I remember watching the TV show “The Green Hornet” and the wailing, fast hitting trumpet sound of the theme song. I had no idea what a trumpet was or who Al Hirt was back then. I remember that trumpet song though. Fast forward a few years and I’m sitting in the admissions office with my mom for my new school, entering the 5th grade. I knew I wanted to join band. I had every intention of playing the drums, for some reason I thought they were cool. When they asked me, “What instrument do you want to play?” I said “Trumpet”. It just came out. And so, began my journey of discovery of this great instrument, lifelong bandmates, and the fascination with famous trumpet players.

My Vincent Bach Stradivarius held in my left hand over my kitchen sink

How To Clean A Trumpet, Cornet, or Flugelhorn

This is a step by step guide with helpful tips for learning how to clean a trumpet. To keep your trumpet performing at its best, regular maintenance is essential. This guide will take you through the process which you should do once a month.

Didgeridoo on a bench

Trumpet Embouchure

How to change your trumpet embouchure. What is the correct trumpet embouchure? How do you improve your trumpet embouchure? Learn how to change your embouchure

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