Trumpet Valve Oil, Slide Grease

What’s The Best Trumpet Valve Oil?

It’s just oil right? Can’t I just use any oil around the house? What’s important to know before squirting oil into my horn? Trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn valves and inside the brass metal tubes of your the valve casing. Valve oil makes the playability of your horn better and is there to protect the valves and valve casing from wear. The piston valves and valve casings are made of pretty soft metals. Keeping a thin layer of valve oil between them will keep them from wearing and your valves slippery smooth.

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Trumpet Accessories. Vincent Bach trumpet, method books, mute, and stand

Best Trumpet Accessories Under $50

All I need is my trumpet, and my mouthpiece, and my mute, and my….wait. Why do I need all this stuff? Am I going to spend a fortune on stuff I don’t need? Every trumpet player will need a few things to support their playing. Yes, a place to practice where you aren’t disturbing people is great. More important, is keeping your horn performing it’s best and accessories that help you perform your best.

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Trumpet Player with a mute

What Is A Trumpet Mute?

What do you put on the end of a trumpet? Easy. A mute. Mutes are called for during different parts of music scores by the arranger when they want to change the timbre (tone quality) and/or lower the volume.    They soften the brightness of the trumpet and some mutes warm the sound.   Funny thing, mutes are named for their shape and not how they sound.

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Trumpet Parts

Trumpet Parts

What the heck is a “Water Key”? I’m pretty sure that’s not plain water that’s coming out. “Spit Valve” makes more sense, but it’s not a valve. What gives? What are all these parts and why are they important to the sound? Trumpets, Flugelhorns, and Cornets have a surprising number of parts. Would you like to know all their names to amaze your friends and bore your not-so-friends? Here is the anatomy of a trumpet for your dissection fun.

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