We are a group of trumpet players that love to share our passion with others. We all started playing trumpet in elementary school. Some of us have gone on to become professional trumpet players, others teachers, and the rest of us play for our own enjoyment with local groups for fun. We all share in our love of all things trumpet. That includes the cornet and flugelhorn. Many on our team have also branched out into playing other instruments such as the piano, trombone, and flute.

We started this site to help others like people helped us. Like when we were first getting started, or stuck, and for the few of us that keep coming back to playing. Our thoughts on the products and services are from experience and research. Yes we really use this stuff. Of course, if sometimes we don’t all vote for something as “the best”, we talk it through it, test, and then decide. Have fun and please let us know your thoughts, experiences, and how we can make this site more useful for you.

Take a look below at my personal collection of trumpet method books and my Bach Stradivarius with a #37 bell. It’s over 45 years old. It’s been reconditioned to like new and plays amazing. It’s just like the model 190-37 that Bach is making now. These books, like my Bach Stradivarius are well used, well worn, and yes, over 45 years old. And this is why we voted these “best”.

Trumpet Accessories. Vincent Bach trumpet, method books, mute, and stand
All the trumpet accessories in one pile.

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