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Practice, practice, practice.  That’s how we get better right?  Yes, that’s true, but it’s not much fun is it?   Practicing arpeggios, scales, lip slurs, ad naseum improves your playing ability, no doubt.  But how about the creative part of playing?  That’s where playing songs and copying great players comes in.  Now that’s fun.    And isn’t that the whole point of playing the trumpet?  How do you that?  How to you copy a great Professional trumpet player?   It’s something called perfect pitch.

Perfect Pitch or Pitch Perfect?

Or is it Perfect Perfect?

Most Professional trumpet players (and musicians as a whole) have the gift of perfect pitch.  This is the ability to hear a sound and be able to play it without anything to refer to.  You may have the ability to hear a song and figure out how to play it on your trumpet.  That is awesome.   Perfect pitch is a rare gift that only 1% to 11% of people have.   The good news is that perfect pitch can be learned to a significant degree.   In a recent study  by the journal Cognition, researchers studies how a persons short-term memory is a factor in developing perfect pitch that they called “absolute pitch”.   That means, by working on it, you can get better at hearing sounds and translate them into trumpet notes.   This will help you with your site reading of sheet music, jazz improvisation, and intonation.  That makes trumpet playing way more enjoyable.

We’ve collected various sources of trumpet sheet music and trumpet songs that you can use to see, hear, and play along to.  You can play these with your cornet and flugelhorn too as some of these trumpet songs have softer melodies that sound better with a cornet or flugelhorn.  Have fun with these.  It was fun listening and watching them while bringing them together here for you. Click the links below to go straight to that section.

Trumpet Songs

There are songs that are known as “Trumpet Songs”.  These are songs that we hear that just sound right when done with a trumpet.  These are the first songs that most trumpet players learn and memorize.

How to play Taps on Trumpet

First up is “Taps”.   This song was traditionally done on a bugle.  A horn that has no valves.  This song has a long been a part of American history. Here it is played by the Buglers of the US Army Band.

Taps . Probably one of the first American Trumpet Songs. Well, bugle songs.

Taps Trumpet Sheet Music

This is the sheet music along with a writeup on the Significance of Taps.

Star Spangled Banner Trumpet Sheet Music

The United States National Anthem.    This version is played on a keyboard with the note by note view of the trumpet sheet music. 

Star Spangled Banner Trumpet Sheet Music

You can also download a pdf of the Star Spangled Banner Trumpet Sheet music.

Here’s 11 year old James Alleva.  He starts playing at the 0:23 second mark:
Here’s the legendary Arturo Sandavol. He starts playing at the 0:30 second mark:

Easy Trumpet Sheet Music

Megalovania Trumpet Sheet Music

The soundtrack for in Undetale.  Is this Chara’s battle theme or is it Sans during the final battle on the Genocide Route. Here’s the Megalovania Trumpet Sheet Music from

Cover of Megalovania by James Ronald
Here’s the song played on a keyboard, with the sheet music. It’s a fast song so the first few times you may want to slow down the playback speed by clicking on the settings gear wheel and selecting 0.5 or 0.75 playback speed.
Tutorial showing the notes and finger positions for Megalovania for Trumpet.

Fortnite Trumpet Songs

Awesome Abbi Star playing Fornite songs on trumpet.  No sheet music, but she goes over the notes in her first video:.
Abbi’s 2nd part for Fortnite trumpet songs.  She goes over the notes and shows the sheet music:

Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Theme Trumpet Sheet Music

Abbi’s tutorial on how to play the Mario Brothers theme song on trumpet.

Happy Birthday Trumpet Sheet Music

The classic Happy Birthday song from

When You Wish Upon A Star

Listen to Wayne Bergeron and Louis Dowdeswell play this Disney classic.   It’s a great trumpet song do build your sound quality and endurance.  And if you take it up a few octaves like they do, well…. you rock!

A Disney classic made better!

Louis has links where you can purchase his and Wayne’s arrangement.  Try to follow along with them in the beginning by watching their fingering of the song.  Here’s where you can work on your perfect pitch.

La Vie En Rose Trumpet Sheet Music

As played by the late great and legendary Louis Armstrong. 

Star Wars Trumpet Sheet Music

Star Wars. Started in 1977 and just finished up. What a run. And everyone knows the songs.

Abbi Star’s tutorial on Star Wars trumpet music.

Star Wars Imperial March Sheet Music

The Star Wars Trumpet parts are haunting.  Here is the Star Wars Imperial March for Trumpet.  Here’s the Star Wars Main Theme Trumpet Sheet Music from

Star Wars Imperial March Trumpet Sheet Music. It’s played on a keyboard with the sheet music so you can play along:

Star Wars Cantina Band Song Trumpet Sheet Music

Over the Rainbow Trumpet Sheet Music

This classic written in 1939 for the movie “Wizard of Oz”.  The highest note is an “F” at the top of the staff. 

Over The Rainbow Trumpet Sheet Music.
Try to play it as beautifully as Ronald Romm.  He played this at a memorial service.

Cool Trumpet Songs

There are songs that have been immortalized as Cool Trumpet Songs by legendary trumpet players like Doc Severinsen, Maynard Ferguson, Louis Armstrong, Eric Miyashiro etc..   Modern legends like Wayne Bergeron and Louis Dowdeswell also have created some new, cool trumpet songs.  If you’ve played in Jazz Ensemble or Jazz Band in school, you’ll likely have played some of these.  Have fun.

MacArthur Park Trumpet Sheet Music

Here’s an old version of the legendary Doc Severinsen.  His tone was thick and fat.  His upper register was effortless, and the tone was amazing.  One of our members played with him when he went to played with the McDonalds All American Band during his high school years.   Look at his hand positions, posture, and incredible sound.  Yes, I’m a huge Doc fan.  How does he keep playing that last note with only his left hand while conducting the orchestra behind him with his right?

The legendary Doc Severinsen. His sound was so full. His upper register, amazingly full.
Maynard Ferguson’s rendition.  A very old recording, Maynard recorded this as one of his signature songs from his second album M. F. Horn released in 1970.
Eric Miyashiro’s version of MacArthur Park. He starts out beautifully on his Yamaha flugelhorn and ends on his Yamaha Xeno trumpet
Wayne Bergeron’s playing Maynard Ferguson’s rendition of MacArthur Park.

Birdland Trumpet Sheet Music

“Birdland” the song was recorded originally by the band “Weather Report. The most famous Birdland song for trumpet was arranged by the great Maynard Ferguson who made it one of his signature songs. 

Maynard Ferguson and his band playing his arrangement of Birdland. Old video but really great audio and best of all, a young Eric Miyashiro.
Eric Miyashiro with the Pat Wood Big Band playing their rendition of BIrdland with lead trumpet.
Maynard Ferguson’s arrangement of Birdland for Trumpet. t’s played on a keyboard with the sheet music.

Maynard Ferguson was such an influence on so many trumpet players there is a Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band

The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band playing Birdland. Lead trumpet played by Steve Schankman

Rocky – Gonna Fly Now Trumpet Sheet Music

Every school band has or will play this oldie.  It’s such a classic, it’s a must play by every trumpet player.  It’s one classic that is arranged just to highlight the power of the trumpet.

Maynard Ferguson made this song famous back in the 70’s.  Gotta love the haircuts and costumes.  Or what they called back then, clothes.

Maynard Ferguson and his Band playing Gonna Fly Now with Lead Trumpet.
Here’s Yamaha trumpet player Eric Miyashiro’s version.  He played with Maynard Fergusons band when he was younger.

Here’s Louis Dowdeswell’s rendition.

Louis Dowdeswell playing his VIncent Bach model 180 with a #43 Gold Brass bell. Did you see his sister on trombone?

And finally, the Maynard Ferguson Tribute band with a ton of awesome trumpet players going at it.  My favorite part is about a minute in, Eric Miyashiro takes lead….one handed.  Then around the four minute mark, he, Wayne Bergeron, and Patrick Hession go at it.

The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band playing Birdland with Wayne Bergeron and a ton of talented trumpet players.

Bridge Over Troubled Water Trumpet Sheet Music

This classic tune by Simon and Garfunkle released in January of 1970 has a wonderful melody.  Maynard Ferguson was the first trumpet player to play this song.  He recorded this back in 1971 on his “Alive and Well in London” album. 

Maynard Ferguson’s “Alive & Well In London” recording of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Sorry, no video.

Here’s Wayne Bergeron playing it live.  Listen to his introduction, he like so many of us, “tried” to play along with Maynard in high school (not the best recording, but the sound is there).

Wayne Bergeron playing Maynard’s arrangement of Bridge Over Troubled Water.
Louis Dowdeswell playing Lead Trumpet on Bridge Over Troubled Water.
Eric Miyashiro and his Big Band playing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

Of all these players, who do you think played it best? Do you have a favorite?  Please let us know in the comments.

Star Trek Trumpet Sheet Music

The theme from the original Star Trek show and movies.  Here’s an arrangement of the sheet music for a brass quintet, you and a friend on trumpet, a French horn, trombone, and tuba.

Gather your friends and play the original theme from Star Trek with 2 lead trumpet parts.
Andrea Giuffredi and the original Star Trek theme. Play your trumpet along with him.
Eric Miyashiro playing the theme from Star Trek with the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

Cool Trumpet Songs – Newer

Timmy Trumpet “Trumpets”

Timmy Trumpet and Lady Bee and of course the song is “Trumpets”. Sorry, no sheet music.

The Incredibles Theme Trumpet Song

Another great collaboration with Wayne Bergeron and Louis Dowdeswell on the Disney animated movie The Incredibles.   Wayne comes in at 3:09 mark playing flugelhorn. The original movie theme track was recorded with Wayne Bergeron playing lead trumpet.  Louis is playing his Bach Stradivarius 180 with a #43 Gold brass bell. Dowdeswell and Wayne Bergeron playing the Disney classic theme song The Incredibles.

Go The Distance (Hercules) Trumpet Song

Louis Dowdeswell could be Hercules if the he was a trumpet player!  Check out his rendition of the Disney theme song for Hercules.

If you go to Louis Dowdeswell’s site, he has his arrangements to buy.

Let It Go – Frozen Trumpet Sheet Music

The theme song to what will likely become a Disney classic, Frozen.   Louis starts out on his Yamaha 631GS flugelhorn then continues on with his Bach Stradivarius 180 with a #43 Gold brass bell.  Great song to work on your perfect pitch.  Can you follow along without the sheet music?  Hint: at the 1:04 mark, the camera angle shows his fingering of the notes much clearer than in the beginning.   Have fun with this one.   And of course, Louis has the sheet music and play along for purchase.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly – Trumpet Solo

Louis Dowdeswell shares his recording for Silva Screen Records. You can play along with him.

Free Trumpet Music

Capotastomusic has a great collection of trumpet sheet music.  They have them categorized as: Easy Trumpet Sheet Music.

Another good source of trumpet sheet music is from

Trumpet Notes

Here’s a downloadable fingering chart for the trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn to play the notes.

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