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10 Best Trumpet Player Gifts

Looking for a special gift for your favorite trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn player in your life? We’ve pulled together gift ideas that we as trumpet players would love to get (hint, hint) and love to give. We’ve arranged the trumpet gift ideas by budget to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

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Trumpet Player Gifts Under $25

During the holidays in most parts of the world, it’s cold. And cold weather brings with it dry, chapped lips. To keep your trumpet players lips moist and protected from the suns damaging UV rays, a great stocking stuffer is ChopSaver lip balm. This “lip therapy” will help keep your trumpet players lips supple and ready to play. Click here for the latest price on Amazon for “ChopSaver” lip balm.

Chop-Saver Lip balm with SPF15 Sunscreen
Keep your lips safe from the sun and cold.

When you think about a trumpet player gift, a sterling silver trumpet pendant is the perfect gift for that special trumpet player.   This trumpet charm comes in sterling silver.  This pendant can be worn as a trumpet necklace or put onto a bracelet.  One of my players put it on a string that connects to her phone. To check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon, click “Sterling Silver Trumpet Music Charm“.

925 Sterling Silver Trumpet Music Charm Pendant
Beautifully crafted sterling silver trumpet charm

In tune and in tempo. These are acquired skills that will make you a great musician. The trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn are in the key of B-Flat. This means if you played the B-Flat key on a piano (which is in the key of C or Concert C), that matches the note of C on our horns. But how do you know if you are playing in tune if you don’t have a piano in your pocket? Get a pocket sized metronome and tuner. There are many “clip-on” ones but we’ve found that something that has a microphone that can sit on a music stand works best. This works for any instrument and works well for us brass players. The Korg is an “Amazon Choice” with over 2,200 reviews. It comes in either black or white. It will let you know if you are playing notes in tune. This is especially valuable when learning how far to move your first and third valve slides. It has a metronome so you can learn new music at the correct tempo. And it has a tone generator so you can hear the note you want to play. This helps develop your pitch or what some call, ear training. The feature I like the best is the “auto off”. So when I forget to turn it off, it turns itself off so the battery won’t be dead the next time I use it. To read the reviews and check the latest price on Amazon, click “Korg TM-60 Tuner, Metronome“.

Korg TM60 Tuner, Metronome, & Tone generator
Learn to play in tune and in time.

Every trumpet player loves their trumpet. But not every trumpet player loves taking care of their trumpet (me included, when I was younger). We’ve looked at different kits to take care of a trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn and the Yamaha Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit is our favorite. If you have an expensive professional trumpet, this kit will keep it performing it’s best. We looked at the cost to buy the parts individually and this kit will save you quite a bit of money. It includes:

  • A mouthpiece brush.
  • A snake brush to clean the horn tubing.
  • A valve cluster brush.
  • A bottle of Yamaha Synthetic Valve Oil.
  • A tube of Yamaha Synthetic slide grease.
  • A microfiber chamois cloth (that you can use to make a swab if you like)
  • And a guide to cleaning your instrument with pictures.

This is the kit for your favorite trumpet lover. Click here for the latest reviews and pricing for the “Yamaha Trumpet Maintenance Kit on Amazon.

Yamaha Trumpet Maintenance Kit
Everything needed to take care of a trumpet.

Here is a link to our unboxing (unenveloping?) of the Yamaha Trumpet Maintenance Kit on YouTube

For every trumpet player there is, nothing quite makes a statement like their trumpet. Better still, a T-shirt which tells it like it is.  This high quality, funny T-Shirt that says “I Destroy Silence” makes the perfect gift.  it comes in Black, Navy, Asphalt, Dark Heather, and Purple.  There are sizes for Men, Women, and Youths,  For the latest price and to select the correct size, color and gender fit, please click “I Destroy Silence Funny Trumpet Player T-Shirt“.

I Destroy Silence Funny Trumpet Player T-Shirt
Funny T-Shirt in different colors and sizes.

Stand by. Wait. Rest. Yes, as much as we love to play, there are times when we need to put our trumpets down. Maybe your trumpet player is a singer, maybe your trumpet player plays another instrument.  Instead of putting a beautiful trumpet on the stage or ground, put it on a stand designed to keep it safe. Konig and Meyer have been making music accessories for some 65+ years.  Our favorite trumpet stand, the K&M 15213 has a plastic cone with soft felt padding to protect the finish of the trumpet bell. The top of the cone (or peg) is rubber to further protect the trumpet bell’s finish when putting the trumpet on the stand/taking it off to play. The detachable folding legs are made of metal for great stability and durability.  To check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon, click “K&M 15213 Portable Trumpet Stand“.

K&M 15213 Portable Trumpet Stand
Soft felt pads to protect the trumpet with sturdy, folding metal legs

Trumpet Player Gifts Under $100

The trumpet requires manual dexterity of the right hand, breath control, and a strong embouchure.  As brass players, we have to develop the small muscles of our face to play our best. There are inexpensive ways to isometrically strengthen the small muscles that control the lips to increase endurance and range.  If your trumpet player in needing to go beyond these simple exercises, the Warburton Personal Embouchure Training Device (PETE) is the answer.  It is two training devices in one.  First it helps develop the “corners” of the mouth to better hold the lips in place while playing.  The second way is to offer resistance when you pull the device and use your lips to resist the pulling motion. This device really helps when regular playing isn’t possible.  It is also great for the developing player to strengthen the small muscles that surround our lips that make up the embouchure.  It comes in gold and silver plating.  To check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon, click “Warburton PETE“.

Silver plated Warburton PETE
Personal Embouchure Training Device

There is only one, ultimate trumpet book.  The “Arban Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet” is it.  Ask any trumpet player, teacher, or former trumpet player what trumpet book they would want if they only could have one.  This updated version retains the proven comprehensive methodology for trumpet playing.  Not only is this book “THE” trumpet book, it is spiral bound to lie flatter on a music stand (which the regular bound one don’t do because the book is so thick).  Every trumpet player will learn something from this trumpet method.  This book is excellent for a cornet and flugelhorn player too. To check out the reviews and latest price on Amazon, click “Arban Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet“.

Arban Complete Conservatory Trumpet Method
The one true quest. To finish the Arban from cover to cover.

Trumpet Player Gifts Under $200

Yamaha SB7Xc Silent Brass System for Trumpet
The best practice mute, period. Click here to read the reviews on Amazon.

The more you practice something, the better you get right?  Help your trumpet player get better while reducing the sound that may bother (irritate, annoy, infuriate, well, you get the idea) family and neighbors.  Why is this the best practice mute out there?  The Yamaha Silent Brass System is well, a system.  It is designed to reduce the sound that comes out of the trumpet while letting the player blow normally.  It is perfect for if you live in an apartment or have very thin walls.  The sound reduction is about 95% while letting you blow normally.  The receiver unit has a headphone jack and an additional audio in jack so you can play along with your favorite songs.  The mute portion that goes into the bell of the trumpet can be changed to one to fit a cornet, flugelhorn, trombone etc. by buying the correct mute portion for that instrument. Want to check out the reviews on Amazon?  Click here for the Yamaha SB7X-2 Silent Brass System for Trumpet.

For Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Players Only

This is something that every “Bach Strad” trumpet player lusts after. This is a trim kit from the Bach factory with 24Kt gold plated parts. The valve stems, buttons, top and bottom caps and water key (spit valve). The kit is also available with heavier bottom caps. The idea of having a heavier bottom cap is to reduce some of the vibrations. Some say this helps with intonation. Some say this helps with the darkness of certain notes. Some players say they make no difference. All players however, say this makes any Bach Stradivarius trumpet even more beautiful ! Read the reviews and check the latest price by clicking “Bach Gold-Plated Trim Kit“. The description on Amazon says it’s a “Cleaning and Care Product” but the product is what is shown.

Bach 24kt Gold Plated Trim Kit for Bach Stradivarius
For Bach Stradivarius Trumpet lovers !

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